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BMW 328i Vs 330i [The Core Differences Explained]

BMW has been my favorite car brand for the last two decades due to its premium features that offer the utmost comfort and luxury. The company also strives to make its vehicles accessible to all customers by releasing affordable BMW 3-series models. BMW 328i and 330i fall under the 3-series category.

These two vehicles have numerous premium features and high-tech facilities. But still, BMW 328i and 330i have a wide range of differences for easier decision-making.

The short answer is The BMW 330i is a luxurious sport sedan with 258 horsepower and adequate interior space. The BMW 328i is an older version with 245 horsepower and limited interior space.

The reason for this is the fact that the 330i falls under the G generation whereas the 328i falls under the f generarion and BMW increases the overall size of the latest generation of the 3 series.

Differences between BMW 328i and 330i

You might be someone finding it challenging to decide between these two 3-series models. I had the privilege to test both BMW 328i and 330i to make an informed decision before buying. Here are my quick differences between BMW 330i and 328i:


BMW 3-series models are affordable luxury cars to drive. BMW 328i and 330i are among the most affordable models with utmost comfort. The average cost of 330i is about $42,300 though it depends on the generation and year model.

On the other hand, 328i goes at $39,000 despite the powerful performance. We do not recommend using price tags to compare car models. But if you can handle the high cost of 330i, it is the best option since it comes with more advanced features.


All BMW 3-series models have different horsepower and torque. A model with greater horsepower produces higher torque to conquer different terrains or road conditions. The BMW 328i has a horsepower range of 230 to 245 depending on the model year and trim, while the 330i counterpart has 258-295 horsepower.

The 330i is the winner in this category since it generates more power suitable for on-road and off-road activities. This luxury car also has an excellent speed than the 328i model.


The BMW brand strives to make its vehicles stylish and comfortable with premium features and high-tech facilities. Every model has unique features and facilities.

The BMW 328i has a noise-reducing feature in the Harman Kardon audio system to provide high-quality acoustics and high-tech GPS navigation on the touchpad. The 330i counterpart has a premium Harman Kardon audio system that delivers a high- fidelity and three-dimensional sound experience. T

he BMW 330i model is the winner due to its advanced facilities and cutting-edge sound features. These features make the vehicle suitable for daily drives or commuters.


Engine performance and reliability are among crucial factors to consider when buying a BMW 3-series model. Each model has a unique engine performance and reliability. The BMW 328i has a 3.0L inline six-cylinder engine with six-speed automatic or manual transmission.

The engine performance makes this model the most reliable despite the average reliability ratings. The BMW 330i has a 2.0L four-cylinder engine with 258 horsepower. The engine delivers a top speed of 60mph within 5 seconds. Besides the excellent performance, it is also fuel efficient. My favorite model in this category is the 330i due to its powerful performance and fuel efficiency.

But if you want something reliable, I recommend the BMW 328i for daily driving.

Fuel Economy

All BMW 3-series have different fuel consumption rates since they have different engine specifications. But driving habits will also influence your BMW fuel consumption.

The 328i model has 23mpg for the city and 35mpg for the highway. On the other hand, the 330i counterpart uses 25mpg for the city and 34mpg for the highway. The slight difference in fuel consumption is unlikely to be noticeable. Both models are winners in the category due to their fuel efficiency features.

Maintenance Cost

Routine car maintenance improves performance and extends its lifespan. BMW 3-series maintenance cost varies depending on the model year and trim. The BMW 328i maintenance cost ranges from $95 to $3273 though it depends on the dealer or independent technician.

On the other hand, the estimated cost of maintaining a BMW 330i is about $95 to 1870.  . The maintenance service cost at the BMW dealers is quite expensive compared to visiting an independent technician.

Construction Design

BMW 328i and 330i are among the most popular trims of the BMW 3-series. These vehicle models have different prices, bodywork, and interior features. The BMW 328i has rug bodywork and customizable interior features. The robust construction design allows the vehicles to last longer than other trims.

The BMW 330i has a sleek construction design with modern interior features. The sporty appearance and advanced facilities enhance comfort and luxury. There is no winner in this category since these trims are from the BMW brand since the company has a reputation for manufacturing high-quality vehicles. I recommend 328i for off-road activities and 330i for on-road.


The BMW 328i and 330i are high-performance luxury vehicles due to their elegant and sleek construction design. These sports sedans have close similarities that can be confusing for new or potential buyers.

The main difference between BMW 328i and 330i is that the former has a horsepower of 245, and the latter has 258. But the horsepower of these vehicles also differs due to different model years.


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