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BMW Engine Malfunction Reduced Power [Meaning & Fix]

When your BMW exhibits symptoms of reduced power, it is likely that you have engine malfunction issues. In this guide, you will learn about the causes of engine malfunction problems on your vehicle, as well as how to solve the problem. Keep reading.

What Does Engine Malfunction Reduced Power Mean on a BMW?

A BMW engine malfunction reduced power is a common warning light on BMW vehicles. The warning light indicates that Digital Motor Electronics (DME) has detected a fault in the engine’s electrical system. The DME is responsible for monitoring and controlling all of the engine’s electronic components.

It monitors the engine’s performance and sends signals to other parts of your vehicle to ensure they work correctly. If the DME detects a problem with any of these systems, it will trigger this warning light on your dashboard.

What are the possible causes for the “engine malfunction reduced power” message?

There are many possible causes for the “engine malfunction reduced power” message. The most common ones are:


The vanos is a hydraulic device located in the engine block that controls the timing of the intake camshaft. When the vanos fails, it can cause reduced power, hesitation and rough idle.

Oxygen Sensor:

The O2 sensor detects oxygen levels in the exhaust and sends information to the car’s computer. If it fails or becomes disconnected, it can result in reduced power, hesitation and rough idle.

Ignition Coils:

Coils are electrical devices that transform low voltage from your battery into higher voltage needed to ignite your spark plugs. When one coil fails or becomes disconnected, it can result in reduced power, hesitation and rough idle.

Timing chain:

A timing chain is a mechanical device that synchronizes the rotation of a shaft and the opening and closing of valves in an internal combustion engine. If the chain is loose or broken, you may experience a loss in power when accelerating from a stop, difficulty starting the car or a rumbling sound coming from under the hood.


The battery is the heart of your car’s electrical system. It provides power for all of your vehicle’s electrical components when the ignition is turned on. A weak or bad battery can cause a variety of problems including loss of power, dimming headlights, and trouble starting the vehicle.

Can you drive with engine malfunction and reduced power?

Yes, you can drive with reduced power. If you’re experiencing engine malfunction reduced power, it means your vehicle is not running at its maximum level of performance.

This could mean that the car is not accelerating as fast as it should be or is not reaching a high enough speed to allow you to drive safely.

You should never drive if you are unsure about your car’s performance or safety. When engine malfunction and reduced power occurs, the vehicle will often emit a warning light on the dashboard and/or an error code on the computer screen in the vehicle. If you see one of these warnings, pull over immediately and contact your mechanic or dealership for further assistance.

What to do if your BMW says engine malfunction reduced power?

If your BMW says engine malfunction reduced power, it’s a good idea to have it checked out by a mechanic. This is a potentially serious issue that could affect the performance and safety of your car.

The first thing to do is find out what caused the problem. If it’s caused by an electrical fault, the problem will likely be solved by replacing any faulty parts. However, if it’s caused by engine problems, that’s not so easy to fix.

In this case, you may need to replace the entire engine block or take your car in for major repairs. In some cases, however, these issues are minor and can be resolved without having to take your car in for major repairs.

How do you reset the BMW engine malfunction?

BMW engine malfunction is a common issue that can be resolved by resetting the ECU. BMW engines are renowned for their dependability and strong performance.

However, some of these vehicles also suffer from common problems like engine malfunction, which can cause the car to stop suddenly while driving. To resolve this issue, you must reset the ECU (electronic control unit) of your car to its factory settings.

Here is how to do it:

  1. First, disconnect the battery from your BMW car. This is done by removing the negative terminal cable from its corresponding post on the battery. You will need to use a wrench or socket wrench for this purpose.
  2. Next, turn on your ignition key and leave it in the “ON” position for about 10 seconds until you hear four beeps from your car’s computer system. This indicates that it has been successfully reset and turned off completely for further use.


While major power reductions can result in reduced driving performance, engine malfunctions can be fixed or avoided with routine maintenance.



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