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BMW Luxury Package [Premium Option Explained]

Besides Audi and Mercedes, BMWs are considered the most famous German car brands, particularly by those who appreciate exceptional craftsmanship and high-quality product offerings in vehicles.

While the reliability and uniqueness of BMWs in its various product lines have been measured to meet the taste of many, more can be done to revamp the appearance and performance of your two-door to give it a sleeker interior look and more sporty personality.

This is where the BMW Luxury Package comes in. Read on to find out more on what the BMW Luxury Package means, how much it cost, and whether or not it’s worth it.

What is BMW luxury package?

The BMW Luxury package is an excellent opportunity for owners to add another level of enhanced technology and premium comfort to their vehicle.

This package varies among the several BMW models ranging in their Series Coupe configurations. But, generally speaking, opting for a luxury package means unlocking an exterior body style treatment, such that the air intakes of the vehicle are redesigned, more crome and high-gloss finish to the two kidney grilles at the front and rear exhaust outlets, as well as a bolder side view with the chrome window.

The package also sees an upgrade in the vehicle wheels, of which you’ll have to choose from several spectacular tires for different performances. However, the basic version is the 17-inch light-alloy wheels, designed with a double-spoke style.

Other treatment packages particularly change the interior appearance and feel of the cabin, but the basic Luxury Package isn’t majorly about that. However, in some model luxury package, like the BMW 328i Luxury Package, it improves upholstery where you get access to one of many unique upholstery options featuring Dakota Leather.

What is in the BMW premium package?

Equally a popular option among BMW owners, the premium package unlocks access to exclusive, improved car features – just like the refurbished car appearance/performance we get after a car upgrade in the grand theft game.

But the BMW premium package is different from the Luxury Package as it dwells more on interior enhancement, offering more comfortable seats with a built-in massage function.

While it also features an electric tailgate and an electric moonroof, it should be noted that the package materially varies as it depends on the BMW model purchased. For example, the premium package in BMW 328d encompasses improved comfort seats and access, lumbar support adjustment for both drivers and passengers, moonroof integration, and satellite radio which has a 12-month paid subscription.

For many other production lines, the packages may not be exactly so. So, it varies regarding the region you reside in when purchasing the BMW as different regions may have respective packages.

Generally, BMW Premium packages feature Seats that can be electrically adjustable (for both passenger and driver), lumbar support, a movable panel in the car roof so you can effortlessly see the stars from your vehicle, Dakota leather upholstery, driver-seat memory options, as well as electronic driver and passenger door mirrors.

Other common add-ons that most BMW series have in their premium packages: the BMW Assist system with Bluetooth and Compass.

Is BMW Luxury Package Worth it?

From a realistic perspective, the beneficial effect of both BMW luxury and premium packages are seen and explored more when it comes to some models like the BMW 3 Series.

This is because it adds more features that will go a long way in improving your driving experience in terms of comfort, style, appearance, and feel. In contrast, I don’t see much of such value in considering BMW’s luxury or premium packages in models like the BMW 7 series, given that most of the cars in this production line have already been designed with luxury features.

Even though these add-ons bring benefits and increase the value of your car, the worth of you splurging on these upgrades significantly lies in the model and region you are in. Whatever your choices or opinion are, defining your purchase as ‘splurging’ when checking the worth of spending on these packages means you can’t afford it.

Not that you don’t have enough cash to shell out for it, but I mean, it might not just be a practical use of the money you have, considering your purse. Remember that opting for these packages with luxurious offerings will require you to pay luxury prices in case of repairs.

How much does it cost?

The cost of getting the BMW luxury package and even the premium package varies across different BMW series; hence there is no ballpark figure to this, not to mention the influence of your location.

However, with our experience from particularly the premium package in really modern vehicles, you can expect to shell out an extra $3,500 (BMW 3 series).

In contrast, premium packages for the 2021 BMW 5 Series can gulp around $2,700. Note that there are respective optional executive packages along with these upgrade which also has their own cost and benefits.

Difference between sport and luxury package?

It is pretty self-explanatory. While the BMW luxury package focuses on luxury and enhanced comfort, the sport package is more of an improvement in the speed performance of the car to meet a certain degree of driving pleasure.

The sport package usually features a 6-Speed Steptronic transmission gearbox, sport-oriented suspension, sport-themed steering wheel, spiked top speed limit, and eye-catching wheel upgrade options. As it has always been from the beginning, these are choices left for you to make.

Closing Words on BMW Luxury Package

So far, we have seen what the BMW luxury package entails, its cost, whether or not it’s worth it, as well as a few other packages. The Luxury package is a widespread consideration for many BMW owners for improved comfort, luxury, appearance, and feel, and you can never go wrong by option for such. All and above, you want to make sure that you know exactly what you’ll be benefitting from these add-ons to suit your lifestyle and taste in automotive better.

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