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Bmw Windshield Replacement Cost (Calculated!)

If you are searching for the actual cost of replacing the windshield on your lovely BMW, then this post is for you. Being a core part of your car that allows you to see the road clearly while driving, you want to get your windshield replaced as soon as it gets any visible damage or broken.

However, you want to first know how much it really costs for a BMW windshield replacement, specifically for the model that you drive, as this will save you the stress of going from one glass service provider to the other.

How much does a BMW windshield cost to replace?

On Average it costs between $200 and $500 to replace a BMW windshield. For some latest models, the price to get the windshield replaced can be as high as $700 or $1000. The exact cost of replacing a BMW windshield largely depends on the year and model of the car.

Based on experience plus quotations gotten from a range of qualified mechanics for the job, this is the overall, general price range that you can expect to be charged for replacing a BMW windshield There is really no all-embracing cost because it is determined by the following:

The Model and Age of the Car

The choice of aftermarket parts or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Need for related repairs which might be recommended by the mechanic such as the rain sensor, Windshield wiper, waterstripping etc. For this reason, and in order to be more specific,

I have created the table below that points at the average cost to replace a windshield for some known BMW models, after which we will look into other important things to consider before shelling out cash to replace your car’s windshield.

BMW Models and their Windshield Replacement Cost Table

BMW Model Windshield Replacement Cost ($)
BMW 3 Series$233
BMW X5$350
BMW Z4 $550
BMW 4 Series$600
BMW 5 Series$450
BMW 7 Series$850
BMW X6$1000
BMW X3$260

With this, you will notice that the cost varies but averages between $200 as the minimum and $1000 as the maximum.

Also note that these prices can be influenced by your location, especially when you consider BMW windshield replacement near you.

Thankfully, you can find auto glass service providers who offer replacement services at competitive prices which reduces your spending to a minimum.

Replace or Repair a BMW windshield: Which is Better?

The truth is that replacing a BMW windshield costs higher than repairing the glass given that, for the latter, you will only have to pay for labour costs which is about $150 (maximum.)

While these repairs usually center around loose molding, water leaks, or wind noise, the cost, which is relatively low, is usually determined by the level of damage on the glass. However, most windshield repairs are done to prevent a small crack in the glass from becoming larger.

So you may ask, is it worth it to replace the windshield? Well, where there is visible damage, it is recommended to replace your windshield. To save money, you can buy a used windshield from a salvage yard, and not necessarily a completely new one.

Keep in mind that while salvage yards won’t hesitate to sell this at $100 or less, a potential downside of buying a used BMW windshield is that it may deter your car’s warranty, or even have hidden problems of safety which you may not discover initially.

How big of damage should I replace my BMW windshield?

It is really not dangerous to drive with a small crack in the windshield (this can be easily repaired even up to three inches long), but a visibly damaged glass should be replaced as soon as possible not only because they can disrupt clear vision while driving but also they provide less protection.

With technology rapidly evolving in the auto glass industry, in the nearest future, it may eventually become needless to replace windshields with large chips or cracks as developed devices may offer seamless repairable solutions.

Can you replace your BMW windshield yourself?

Generally speaking, it is not an impossible task to replace a windshield yourself. It simply involves getting the correct windshield for your car from an auto-glass store, inserting a thin screwdriver into the slit very carefully, and then running it around the frame to separate the gasket from the glass.

A look at Youtube can, in fact, educate you on a thousand and one DIY method for windshield replacement. However, as simple as it seems, you really do not want to attempt it if you are not a professional. It is best to allow a certified mechanic to save yourself the hassle.

Final Thoughts on BMW Windshield Replacement

As mentioned earlier, the windshield of your BMW is the core component of your car not only because it draws the line between a safe ride and a risky ride, but also because it can make a bold statement in the structural integrity of your ride.

Sadly, hitting small objects on the road is all it takes to have pesky chips and cracks on it. To avoid potential accidents, it is advised to get your windshield replaced as soon as you notice the first signs of damage.

In the above article, we have been able to look at the BMW windshield replacement cost, popular BMW models and their respective windshield replacement cost, thoughtful considerations on whether to replace or repair your windshield, as well as Windshield replacement DIY. Kindly leave a comments if you’ve got any questions on replacing your car windshield.





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