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Can I Get my BMW Oil Change Anywhere? (Detailed Explanation)

Can you get your BMW oil change done anywhere? We will look to answer that in this article. The BMW is an iconic car brand that has stood the test of time. From its humble beginnings, the BMW has grown into one of the most recognisable luxury German brands.

Can I Get my BMW Oil Change Anywhere?

BMW recommends that you have your oil changed by a BMW approved dealer or auto shop. This is because BMW uses a particular type of oil and their lubricant requirements are different from other vehicles. You can, however, change the oil yourself or an experienced mechanic if your vehicle is out of warranty.

In keeping with high engineering standards that German brands are known for, there are recommended parts as well as lubricants that BMW insist on in order to keep your Beemer in tip, top condition.

Over and above that, they also insist that you service your vehicle and buy parts from dealers and auto shops that are approved by them.

Though this ensures that you increase the likelihood of getting the best out of your car, these recommended dealers tend to price their products and services very highly. When you look at it objectively, you will discover that a BMW is priced relatively cheaper than other European brands within the same luxury class but the maintenance costs can really drive you down.

For example, a BMW oil change will cost you 3 to 5 times more than other car brands on the market if you are exclude brands like Mercedes and probably Audi. When you dig down though, you will discover that the recommended parts and lubricants aren’t really that expensive. This leads us to the next question:

Can You Use None BMW Auto Shops For My Oil Change?

That’s the first question that new BMW owners often ask when they receive the shock of their lives after discovering the cost of a BMW oil change.

The answer to this question is both yes and no. Let us explain; No you cannot use a none recommended auto shop for your oil change if they do not understand how BMW engines work.

For starters, BMWs use a lot more oil than other vehicles and they require a recommended type of oil. These oils underwent rigorous testing and were discovered to be the best at providing optimal engine performance as well as longevity.

When you use inferior oil, you risk engine damage and subpar performance. After all is said and done, you won’t enjoy your BMW for as long or at the levels you are meant to.

Yes you can use auto shops not recommended by BMW as long as they have an in-depth knowledge of BMWs and their special needs.

Taking this route will most likely save you a significant amount of money as recommended shops tend to overcharge. A Beemer is a premium brand after all and these recommended dealers and shops tend to leverage on that fact.

Can You Change Your Own Oil on a BMW?

You definitely can do your own oil change on a BMW vehicle if you are able to follow a few simple instructions. Doing it yourself will save you up to $70 in labour costs. You will need to make sure that you have the right tools as well as recommended oil.

These include:

  • Size 17 wrench
  • Replacement washer and plug
  • Drain basin

You will need to remove the oil drain plugs first using the wrench. If you have a newer BMW, it may come with a plastic cover over the drain plugs. You will need to remove this first before proceeding to remove the drain plugs.

BMWs have 2 drain plugs instead of one. Your first step is to elevate your vehicle at an angle. Next, remove the oil filter. Make sure that the drain basin is placed securely under the plugs before proceeding to loosen them with the size 17 wrench.

Also, be prepared to move your hand out of the way quickly as the oil may gush out forcefully. Drain all the oil out then replace the filter and O rings. Replace the drain plugs from under the car and securely replace the drain plugs. Pour in the new oil in the correct amounts.

Final Thoughts

You definitely can have your BMW’s oil changed elsewhere. You need to do it with the understanding that BMWs are built slightly differently from other vehicles manufactured in Asia, other parts of Europe or America.

There will be certain conditions that need to be met if you are to get the best out of your car. Make sure to follow these guidelines and you will be sure to enjoy your Bimmer for a very long time.

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