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E36 vs E30 (Which Bmw Model is Better?)

I’ve been a secret admirer of the BMW 3 series since I was sixteen years. All the BMW series have incredible performance with proper maintenance. E46 was my favorite model, but it was out of my price range.

The only affordable and available models were E21, E30, and E36. But E21 is the oldest version not worth considering in this modern world.

E30 and E36 are the remaining BMW series worth giving a little attention to them. So, what is the main difference between E30 and E36?

The core difference is E30 edition has a robust construction design to tolerate insane abuse during the rally, while the E36 edition is more luxurious with weaker components for comfort purposes.

If you are also looking into getting a  classic 3-series BMW, you’ve come to the right place. This article provides head to head comparison guide between E30 and E36. The information will help you make an informed decision before buying.

Differences between E30 and E36


E30 has a robust construction design to endure insane abuse on the rally tracks. The solid and durable design makes the series emerge as the best sports car from BMW. E36 is less robust when compared to E30.

The edition has more luxurious components that are weaker than those of E30. But the series is still durable due to the tank construction design. E30 is the winner in terms of reliability and strength.

The series can tolerate on-road and off-road abuse without getting damaged. E36 is more sensitive to the cooling system and requires ultimate care to avoid total engine failure.


E36 has more luxurious features like power windows, mirrors, locks, and seats. It also has sound-deadening properties that keep the car quiet and cool. E30 has manual windows, locks, mirrors, and adjustable seats. These manual features make the model less luxurious when compared to E36.

E36 is the winner under this category. But these additional features for luxury purposes make E36 weigh more than the required standards. E36 edition is not ideal for track and rally races.

Track Use

E30 marks a bold statement on track use when compared to E36. The edition is among the best American amateur racing series. The lightweight and durable features enable the series to withstand rally abuse.

The E36 series is heavier than the E30, with weaker components that can’t endure racing damages. The BMW series is not worth putting on the track.

The heavyweight design reduces its performance during a racing rally. If you are looking to getting into the racing competition, consider the E30 BMW series. The lightweight and durable construction makes the series ideal for track use. E30 happens to be the winner under this category.


E30 series has manual operational features. Maintaining the manual windows, locks, mirrors, and adjustable seats is straightforward. No need to have mechanical skills to get the work done.

The E36 model has power operational features that need a certain level of automotive mechanical skills for maintenance. Otherwise, the chances of causing further damages are high. The E30 BMW series requires minimal maintenance when compared to the E36. The reliability and longevity make the E30 series the winner under this category.

Daily Driving

The E36 series has more comfortable features to enhance a quiet and smooth ride. These properties enhance an enjoyable driving experience regardless of the road condition.

The E30 BMW model is designed for track and racing purposes. It implies that the suspensions do not absorb the road impact to give an ultimate driving experience.

The E36 series is the perfect choice for a daily driver since it offers ultimate comfort and smooth rides. Thanks to the front and rear suspension for absorbing the road impact.


The BMW E30 is among the oldest series in the market. The price range can still fit in any budget, and this makes them affordable. Besides that, the series has a low maintenance cost.

The E36 series is the latest BMW model in the market. The comfort and luxury components make its price stretch a little bit when compared to the E30 series.

The E30 series is the winner under this category due to its affordability and low maintenance costs. The model requires less care due to its durability and ability to endure racing damages.

Pros and Cons (BMW E30 Vs E36)

Both the E30 and E36 BMW series have incredible performance. But these two series tend to have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s find out that together from the information below:

Pros of BMW E30

  •  Ideal for amateur racing
  • Require minimal maintenance
  • Has a robust construction design

Cons of BMW E30

  • Manual operational model
  • Lack sound-deadening properties

Pros of BMW E36

  • Ideal for daily drivers
  • Offer comfortable and smooth rides
  • Durable to the tank construction design

Cons of BMW E36

  • Has high maintenance cost
  • Not ideal for tracks and rally race

Conclusion on BMW e30 vs e36

The debate concerning E30 vs E36 in the BMW forums is hot. Some people claim that the E30 series is better than the E30 BMW series.

But the E36 series is bigger and has more luxurious components when compared to the E30. However, the edition is much heavier and not ideal for the track or rally races.

If you are getting on track and rally competition, consider the E30 series due to its lightweight design. The E36 model is the perfect choice for daily commuting.




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