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How to Reset BMW Radio (Step By Step Guide)

Your BMW car radio should enable you to listen to music, make calls, and send or receive text messages. But the car radio requires some resetting to facilitate easy changing of stations, playing music, and even making calls or texting.

Resetting the BMW radio can be intimidating since the owner needs to access the specific VIN and codes. If you cannot access the number, you might want to learn how to reset the BMW radio step by step without the code.

I wrote this step-by-step guide to help you reset your BMW radio from scratch. I recommend taking the time to read through each step before implementing it. So, let us get started now:

Steps for Resetting a BMW Radio

Routine BMW car maintenance helps to improve performance and its lifespan. But these maintenance services usually interfere with the car radio settings at some point.

Every BMW owner needs to develop the habit of resetting the radio after a scheduled maintenance service. The resetting habit will prevent your BMW radio from locking you out.

But if you’re in this circumstance, below are some quick steps for resetting your BMW radio. Take the time to read through each step and comprehend it before enforcing the action.

Step 1: Pinpoint the Power Button

A BMW car radio has several buttons that play different roles. We recommend investigating the car radio to locate the power button on the upper left corner with a small circle and a line running through it.

Step 2: Press and Release

the Power Button Locating the car radio power button is crucial during the resetting process. Now, press the power button for two seconds and release it once the period elapses.

I recommend using both hands to avoid the challenges of reaching the power button.

Step 3: Hold Back for a Few Seconds

After completing to press and release the power button, hold back for about 60-90 seconds. It will help your car radio stabilize before moving to the next step.

Step 4: Press and release the Power Button Again

Press the power button down and release it for the second time. The idea is to reset the BMW radio by switching it to the default setting. Let this be the last time pressing and releasing the power button.

Step 5: Rescan for Radio Stations

Turn on your BMW radio and start scanning for the radio stations or podcasts. it is good to save your favorite stations that play cool music. You can also download other vital features on the radio after the reset.

Reasons for Resetting Your BMW Radio

BMW radios are vulnerable to numerous problems that force car owners to develop the urge to fix them.

Resetting is the most reliable and effective method for resolving these BMW radio problems. Below are quick reasons for resetting the BMW radio:

Signal Reception Problem

Driving your BMW over obstacles and potholes will make the antennae lose due to the frequent vibration. Replacing or fixing the antennae for better reception will trigger the need to reset the radio.

Frequent Radio Turn on and off

A BMW radio with a faulty connection between the head unit and amplifier experiences frequent turn-on and off issues.

I recommend taking your vehicle to a reputable and authorized BMW service center for repair. These tweaks will foster the need to reset the radio in the long run.

Radio not Working

A blown-out power amp fuse on your BMW will render the radio useless. We recommend replacing the blown-out power amp fuse with a new one. These changes will trigger the need to reset the BMW radio to restore normal functioning.


If you have read up to this point, your BMW radio has given you problems. I can’t imagine driving for a long distance without listening to my favorite tunes.

We recommend identifying the exact cause of the radio problem before resetting it. Fix the root cause of the BMW radio not working and restore it to its default settings.

Learning how to reset a BMW radio is a no-brainer task by following the above steps. It is always a good idea to develop the habit of resetting your car radio after a routine maintenance service.

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