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BMW Connected Package Professional (Explained)

What is BMW connected service and how does it work? If you were wondering about this, then you are in the right place.

In this article, we are going to be taking a deep dive into this subject so that you, hopefully, leave a more informed individual.

BMW Connected Package Professional is a great feature that you should consider when looking at a BMW.

What is BMW Connected Package Professional?

The BMW Connected Package Professional is a subscription service that you can get on any BMW. It includes some great features, such as Concierge Services, Remote Control Parking, and more!

The BMW Connected Package Professional is a great feature to have on your car.

What Does BMW Connected Package Professional  Include?

BMW ConnectedDrive is a collection of features that help you stay connected to your car and the outside world.

  1. It includes Remote Services
  2. Concierge Services
  3. BMW Connected App and
  4. BMW Connected Navigation

Remote Services allows you to use your smartphone to lock or unlock your car doors and trunk remotely via Bluetooth technology.

If there’s an accident in which airbags deploy in your vehicle, BMW can track it down using GPS data from the vehicle.

Concierge Services gives you access to services such as roadside assistance (provides emergency roadside assistance), vehicle location services (via GPS), and stolen vehicle recovery service (provides 24/7 monitoring for stolen vehicles).

You can also use this service if you need help finding an address or restaurant recommendations while on road trips with loved ones!

Does BMW Connected Package Include Remote Start?

Yes, BMW ConnectedDrive has a remote start. That means you can get into your car after it warms up in the morning and turn it on remotely. You can also lock/unlock your car from a distance and check on its location.

Is BMW Connected Package Professional Worth it?

If you’re not sure that BMW Connected Package Professional is worth the price, here are some reasons why it is:

  • It makes your car smarter and more fun to drive: The features of BMW ConnectedDrive will make your car smarter and more fun to drive. You can get directions, connect with others while on the road, search for points of interest nearby, and more.
  • It’s easy to use: The system has a simple menu structure that lets you control all of its features easily with just a few buttons on the steering wheel and dashboard controls.
  • Great value: It’s a great value compared to standalone options from other auto manufacturers like Tesla or Ford (taking into account both costs per month or per year).

How Much is BMW Connected Package Professional?

BMW Connected Package Professional is a great feature that you should consider when buying a car. The cost of BMW Connected Package Professional is free for the first 3 months and will cost you $50 per year if you wish to continue using it.

You get access to all of the features listed above in this article and can cancel your subscription at any time, but note that if you sign up for a new subscription before your current one expires, it will automatically renew at the same rate until you decide otherwise.

You should also know that once installed in your vehicle and activated by BMW Connecting Services, this package will remain activated even after your initial subscription runs out (unless you manually disable it).

How Do You Active the Connected Package Pro

BMW Connected Package Professional is available on the BMW website. It can be purchased as an option on new BMWs, or at a dealership if you already have a car but want to add this capability.

BMW Connected Package Professional can also be purchased online through the BMW website.

The Package covers a range of options such as safety features that allow you to be assisted during emergencies as well as recover your vehicle if it is stolen. You also get other features that make your driving experience that much more enjoyable and convenient.

For the relatively low price of $50 per year, we believe it is well worth the investment.

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