Mineral White vs Alpine White

BMW Mineral White vs Alpine White (Main Differences)

Choosing the exterior color of your vehicle is always a tough decision to make. This is not just because of aestheticism and your personal choice.

But there are several other factors involved such as the quality of the paint and the resale value. Looking at BMW, there are several great colors to choose from.

Two of the most popular ones are Mineral White and Alpine White. But what’s the difference between them?

The major difference between the two is the number of layers of paint used to create them. Alpine white is a whiter color than MW. As a result, they’ll look different when put under natural and artificial light (explained below). There are also differences when you’re looking for touch-ups.

The following piece tells you all you need to know about alpine white vs mineral white:

What Color is Alpine White?

Alpine white is a very rich shade of white and color experts will describe it as very frothy. It is a clean and fresh paint that will stand out in even the dullest of days.

This is a color that you’d want if you want nothing but pure unadulterated white. Hence it is the basic white color on BMW cars.

Is BMW Alpine White pure white?

Yes, the Alpine white color is as white as it gets. It is also quite similar to the white colors that are found on most other brands. But despite this, it is painted very well and it’ll show the curves and the contours on your BMW pretty well.

Does BMW Alpine White have a clear coat?

Yes, it does. The Alpine white color on BMW cars is a clear coat paint job. There’s a myth that this kind of paint requires the owner to take special care of the exterior. This is untrue and there are no special procedures needed.

What color is BMW Mineral White?

BMW’s Mineral white paint is a tri-coat paint job and is available as an option. It is not pure white and is a more unique shade of white. This is why it is chosen by buyers who want their white BMW to stand out.

It looks quite metallic and it is a color with a lot of depth to it.

Is BMW Mineral White pearlescent?

No, this is a common misconception amongst BMW buyers and enthusiasts. The Mineral white color is not pearlescent and is more of a brighter pearl-white color.

It is hence a more difficult color to paint and this is a factor in its price and when you’re getting it touched up.

Is Mineral white an individual color?

No, it is not. To provide you with some context, the BMW Individual color range tends to provide you with a greater range of paint jobs and colors for your exterior and interior.

However, the Mineral white color is not part of this range of special colors for your BMW.

What is the difference between Alpine White and Mineral White?

Paint type

Now we answer the mineral white metallic vs alpine white debate. As described above, the major difference is the type of paint job. The alpine white color is a pure white paint job.

In comparison, the mineral white color is a tri-coat pearl white paint job. Whiteness If you put the two side by side, you’ll notice that the mineral white color will look a lot darker.

In fact, it may not even look white anymore and some might even say that it looks yellowish. The mineral white color is rarer and people select it as an option because of its uniqueness.


The alpine white color will look just fine in all sorts of light options. But if you truly want to enjoy the mineral white color, you’ll have to turn on the artificial lighting.

Some say the mineral white paint job suits the larger Bimmers better. Meanwhile, the alpine color makes the smaller BMWs look better.


One major factor in all of this is the cost. Of course, painting mineral white is a more difficult process. As a result, you’ll be paying extra for it.

You’ll also pay more if you hit your car and scratch the paint. Matching the mineral white color is a more arduous process than doing touchups on alpine white.


Either way, you can expect both the colors to not be bothered by dust. Both of them will also display the contours of the vehicle just fine, but the mineral white color will do a better job.

At the end, what matters is your search for a unique color, if you can afford it, and how bright it is where you live.


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