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BMW X1 vs X3: (Side by Side Comparison)

If you’re looking for a small BMW CUV, then it is only right to compare the BMW X1 and X3. These two are considered to be the entry points into the SUV range of BMW. But how different are they exactly as two standalone vehicles? The following piece discusses the difference between BMW X1 and X3

BMW X1 vs X3: Powertrain

We begin with the hearts of both of these vehicles. The new X1 isn’t completely out yet but we do have some info about its engine options. It’s confirmed that a 2-liter 4-cylinder turbo and a diesel engine will be available.

Of course, you can also choose an X1 with an electric motor. Meanwhile, the X3 allows you to choose between a 2-liter turbo and a 3-liter 6-cylinder twin-turbo engine.

The base engine makes 181hp and 214lb-ft, while the top-end one makes 503hp and 443lb-ft. There’s a 2-liter turbo PHEV and an EV version available as well. On the X1, AWD will be standard and there will be a 7-speed automatic gearbox.

For the X3, you can choose between an 8-speed auto for the fossil-fuel-powered models or a single-speed for the EV. Its drivetrains send power to the rear or all 4 wheels depending on the model.


The new X1 hasn’t been tested yet but its makers say that the base model will give you a 6.2s 0-60 time. The X3 on the other hand can give you its best time of around 4s.

Top Speed

The top speed on the new X1 isn’t known but it should be more than the one for the previous model: 135mph. The X3 can do up to 174mph if you pick its M package.

Fuel Economy

The new X1 should give you a better fuel economy than 23mpg city and 31 highway. The X3 should be able to give you a maximum of 23mpg city; 30mpg highway.

BMW X1 vs X3: Interior and Tech

The new X1 features a spacious and modern interior. You get goodies such as dual-zone climate control, a powered rear liftgate, and amber mood lighting as standard.

You can add heated seats and a heated steering wheel, plus a moonroof to the car. Apart from a standard satnav, you also get a cool-looking single panel infotainment system, to which you can add a Harman/Kardon stereo.

Furthermore, you can add a wireless charging pad for your phone and a head-up display as well. The X3 also gets a great interior which is built from very nice materials.

It includes reclining setback seats in the rear and 10-way adjustable and powered seats upfront. The X3 does get some slack for its relatively low storage capacity as compared to its rivals.

You get a nice 10.3-inch infotainment system, to which you can add 2 more inches. Wi-Fi hotspot is standard; wireless charging is optional.

Both the cars offer you Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to connect your phone or tablet to the car. You get a lot from both the vehicles in terms of safety, but the X1 offers a bit more.

The X1 offers automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection, while the X3 offers it with forward-collision warning. The X3 offers you a lane-departure warning while the X1 adds blind-spot monitoring to the mix.

BMW X1 vs X3: Exterior

Both the cars are handsome by today’s standards. There’s a huge discussion when it comes to the size difference between X1 and X3. The X1 vs X3 dimensions are 4500mm, 1845mm, and 1642mm, against 4708mm, 1891mm, and 1676mm.

BMW X1 vs X3: Price and Warranty

The BMW X1 should start at around $39,595, while the X3 starts at around $44,695. The warranty on both the cars is the same. The limited and the powertrain warranties both cover 4 years/50k miles, whichever comes first. BMW also offers you complimentary scheduled maintenance for 3 yrs./36k miles.

Which Is Better BMW X1 or X3?

Let’s put the BMW X1 vs BMW X3 debate to an end once and for all; who’s the best? Well, it should be the X3 depending on what we know now.

This car is more powerful and quicker than the X1. It is also just as efficient despite its larger size. The safety systems are slightly better on the X1 and so is the interior.

The X3 is considered to be lackluster when it comes to space and its higher price, and those might be its only negatives. Either way, the X3 takes the win when you consider that it is better at the more important issues.

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