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BMW X5 Towing Capacity (With Chart & Figures)

BMW X5 are robust vehicles with excellent off-road and on-road performance. These mid-size SUVs can also pull more weights due to their on-road towing capabilities. But do not go overboard since BMW X5 cars have towing limits.

BMW X5 Towing Capacity

In short, The average towing capacity of the BMW X5 is about 6,603 to 7,200 pounds. The vehicle can tow camping trailers, small horse trailer and ski boat with proper equipment.

You might be a new BMW owner looking to pull a trailer behind it. Knowing the exact BMW X5 towing capacity will be a great deal. I have spent weeks researching to help you figure out BMW X5 towing capabilities.

How Much Weight Can A BMW X5 Tow?

The average weight a BMW X5 can tow is about 7200 pounds when equipped well. These towing packages can help you come along with your favorite outdoor toys without compromising their performance and handling experience.

All BMW X5 models can handle maximum towing capacity without any limitations. But understanding the factory towing capabilities of your model will help avoid severe damages and handling issues.

Besides that, having excellent driving skills will help handle steep inclines by maximizing the BMW X5s towing abilities. Inadequate driving techniques will pose a challenge when using your X5 to tow a trailer or boat for outdoor activities.

Every outdoor enthusiast needs to figure out the trailer weight before hauling around with the BMW X5. The information will help minimize the overloading risks that compromise the cars performance and handling.

I recommend reading the manual of your BMW X 5 models to learn about their factory towing capacity recommendations. Some trim levels can haul heavier loads than others due to several factors.

BMW X5 towing capacity is not limited by suspensions, power out, and driveline integrity since it depends on its structure. But this does not make the ride have the ability to pull another vehicle or large animal hauler.

BMW X5 Towing Capacity Chart by Year

BMW X5 can haul loads varying from 6,603 to 7200 pounds. But the vehicle towing capacity depends on the model year. Below is a table showing the BMW X5 towing capacity chart by year:

BMW X5 Model YearTowing Capacity (Pounds)

Factors that Influence BMW X5 Towing Capacity

Multiple factors influence the BMW X5 towing capacity. Let us now discuss these factors impacting the hauling capabilities of your X5:

Trim Levels

BMW X5 vehicles come in four distinct trims to suit different owners’ needs. For instance, the X5 with turbo I6 and V8 engines are the most powerful options. These trims can tow a maximum of 7200 pounds more than their standard counterparts.

Trim LevelMaximum Towing Capacity
3.0L Twin-Turbo I6 Engine7200 pounds
3.0L Twin-Turbo I6 with Integrated Electric Motor5952 pounds
4.4L Twin-Turbo V8 Engine7200 pounds

Tow Package

BMW X5 cars are posh and luxurious SUVs in the market. But the robust structure allows them to tow trailers and boats with ease.

X5 cars with factory hitch can tow about 6600 pounds, while those with aftermarket packages can haul up to 7200 pounds due to the high-quality materials.

Tire Quality

BMW X5 cars have rugged rear tires that support the additional weight without overheating while riding a long steep incline.

X5 trims with conventional rear tires won’t cope with the extra hauling weight since they will delaminate from the traction.


Trailers or boats add extra weight to the BMW X5 while hauling. But each model tends to cope differently with the additional strain caused by the extra weight. X5 vehicles with I6 and V8 engines have excellent torque converters to provide more power for hauling.


Each X5 trim has rear suspensions with different towing capacities. I recommend assessing your trailer weight first to avoid exerting excess pressure on the factory tow hitch. The best alternative is to install the aftermarket hitch on your SUV.

How to Increase BMW X5 Towing Capacity

Let us look into things that can help improve the BMW X5 towing capacity without compromising the performance:

Upgrade the Braking System

The towing capacity of 7200 pounds might not be enough for some people. Installing high-quality brake pads and rotors on your X5 will help increase the towing capacity.

it is advisable assistance to seek from a professional mechanic.

Get the Right Hitch

Most BMW X5 come with factory hitches limiting them to haul recommended weights.Any overloads will result in the hitch breaking down. Install a high-quality hitch on your X5 to help improve its towing capability and reduce the risk of damaging the suspensions.

Reinforce the Chassis

BMW X5 has robust structures that enhance off-road and on-road activities. But the factory chassis of your X5 cannot cope with extreme off-road activities and heavy hauling.

Reinforcing the body frames with high-quality parts will enable the vehicle to cope with overloads. Replace Axles BMW X5 cars have excellent torque and horsepower for hauling different weights.

If you’re looking to tow heavy loads, replace the current axles with heavy-duty options. These changes will increase the towing capacity of your BMW.

Use a Programmer

BMW X5 vehicles can be set to experience the best fuel efficiency. But these adjustments might compromise with towing capabilities of your car. I recommend using a reputable car programmable to make some tweaks to increase the towing capacity.

Can BMW X5 Tow More than the Towing Capacity?

The factory towing capacity recommendations for the BMW X5 are between 6603 and 7200 pounds since it depends on the trim. Any overloads will cause severe structural damage and handling issues while driving.

But BMW X5 modifications can help increase the towing capacity beyond the factory recommendation. The car warranty will become void since these modifications are against the warranty policy requirements.


If you’ve read up to this point, we now assume that you are someone who loves outdoor activities or looking to get a new BMW X5 soon.

Among many things, you need to educate yourself about the BMW X5’s towing capacity before hauling a trailer. Feel free to share your experience or views in the comment section.

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