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What Is High Mileage for a BMW? (Longevity Test)

We all love BMWs due to their efficiency ratings and durable transmission engines. But the steep price tag associated with the new BMW has forced many people to opt for the used counterpart. Before you buy a used BMW, consider its mileage first.

What Is High Mileage for a BMW?

In short, It ranges from 60,000 to 300 000 miles as per the dealership’s standards. But the lifetime of your BMW will depend on the driving style, care, and maintenance routines.

Mileage is a crucial factor to consider when buying a used BMW since it will help you know if the vehicle is nearing the end of its use. I wrote this article to provide detailed insights into the high mileage of a BMW. Let us now dive into it.

Most used BMWs have a high mileage range of 60,000 to 80,000 miles. But many drivers can make their used BMWs last up to 200,000 miles or even 300,000 miles by upholding strict maintenance and care routines.

The car dealers also use these figures to buy a used BMW for resale. A used BMW with 60,000 miles or less can be bought faster by car dealers than the one with 80,000 miles.

However, the used BMW with 80,000 miles can also be bought at a lower price. The overall high mileage for many BMW owners and sellers is about 100,000 miles.

If the vehicle surpasses 100,000 miles, it will last for about four to five years before stalling.

How Many Miles Can a BMW Last?

Most BMW models can last between 200,000 and 250,000 miles under strict maintenance routines. But the owners will have to replace the car coolant system, battery, and electric windows due to the aging effect.

Higher mileages will make the vehicle vulnerable to breakdown resulting in higher maintenance costs in the long run.

I recommend trading your BMW to a dealer after hitting 200,000 miles to scope some money. But well-maintained BMWs can last up to 500,000 miles without experiencing severe engine transmission problems. Thanks to the BMW’s high-efficiency ratings and durable transmission engines.

However, the resale value to a dealer will be low due to the high mileage range. Used BMWs are not appealing and ideal for budget-conscious drivers looking to maximize every dollar after investing in the vehicle. But the brand and engineering design are unmatched compared to other makes.

Are BMWs Good for High Mileage?

Most BMW models are excellent for high mileage due to their engineering design and durable transmission engines.

These vehicles can clock up hundreds of thousands of miles throughout their lifetime with proper maintenance. A new BMW can last longer than a used counterpart due to the zero mileage coverage before hitting the road.

But used BMWs can still give you 200,000 to 250,000 miles extra under a proper maintenance regime. Old and used BMWs are less vulnerable to issues seen in other vehicles.

However, the owners will have to replace the battery, electric windows, and coolant system for better mileage or boost the vehicle’s durability on the road. it is crucial to consider the BMW trim and model before choosing a BMW. Some BMW models have lower mileage than others. The table below shows the life expectance of different BMW models:

BMW Models Average Mile
1 Series200,000
2 Series200,000
3 Series250,000
4 Series200,000
5 Series150,000
6 Series200,000
7 Series200,000

At What Mileage Do BMWs Start Having Problems?

Most BMW models will start experiencing problems in the first 100,000 miles. But some models will start having issues as early as 20,000 miles or over 200,000 miles depending on the maintenance routine.

The most common BMW problems are engine and electrical malfunctions. Repairing these issues can be super expensive than other mainstream cars.

But many people still love the cars due to the brand and their reliability ratings. We recommend considering the model and year of the manufacturer when buying a new or used BMW vehicle.

These factors will help you overcome challenges associated with some BMW models. My favorite thing about BMW is the mileage warranty. Most car dealers offer warranties to BMWs for the first 50,000 miles.

These warranties usually relieve the owners from paying early maintenance expenses after the purchase. Remember that BMWs are susceptible to more severe issues than minor problems.

But the chances of taking your BMW car to a local garage shop for severe repair services are below 10%. Thanks to its robust design and high-reliability ratings.

How to Make Your BMW Mileage Last Longer?

Multiple practices can help improve the lifespan of your BMW. Below is a quick discussion on making your BMW mileage last longer:

Maintenance Routine

A routine BMW inspection and maintenance will make them have a longer mileage with minimal repair expenses. Keeping your BMW in a good condition will make its mileage last longer than other vehicles.

New BMW Car

Brand BMWs come with warranties that help avoid paying for early repair expenses. Besides that, new BMWs have zero mileage making them last longer than their used counterparts. I recommend looking at the brand new/low mileage BMWs due to the reliability ratings and high mileage coverage.

Read the BMW Manual

Many car enthusiasts do not read the manual after buying their dream rides. The ignorance ends up reducing the durability and mileage coverage of their vehicles. Take the time to read through your BMW manual to learn tricks for improving the mileage and durability.


If you have read up this far, you might be someone thinking about BMW's high mileage reliability. The high mileage for a BMW ranges from 100,000 to 250,000 miles with proper maintenance. Bearing all that in mind, you can decide whether to buy a new or used BMW. But BMWs are the best option due to their luxury, comfort, and durability. Feel free to share your suggestions or experiences in the comment section.


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