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What does ‘Auto H’ button on BMW mean and how to use it?

BMW vehicles come with many safety and performance features to boost car performance and create a great user experience. A standard part is the Auto H. In BMW, Auto H stands for Auto Hold.

Auto H or Auto Hold lets you set and release the brake, which is helpful in circumstances like stop-and-go traffic or driving on an incline. When the car accelerates, the function prevents it from rolling back.

Simply click the button situated on the center console to turn it on. The controller will show the Auto H sign on the dashboard display. To deactivate, simply push the button once more.

You can disable it if you are currently in the automatic hold by pressing the brake pedal. When using a car wash, deactivate the system since you’ll have the parking brake on to keep the car stationary.

If the engine is switched off, the driver’s seat belt is unbuckled, any door is open, or the parking brake is used for an extended time while driving, the system will automatically activate.

Purpose of The Auto H

ABS/ECS hydraulic units control the Auto H, which prevents your car from moving when settling. Once you apply the brake to a still position, Auto H maintains that braking position. Therefore, you can put off your leg from the brake pedal without worry.

Types of Auto H in BMW

BMW’s Auto H has different categories.

The first is the Auto H gearbox, a transmission that turns automatically. BMWs with the Auto H gearbox have better performance and fuel efficiency than BMWs with a manual transmission.

BMWs also have an Auto H suspension which helps the cars remain stable in all driving conditions. It allows the vehicle to adjust the suspension system depending on the terrain. Furthermore, Auto H suspension improves the car’s handling making it easy to ride. The Auto H suspension comes in handy mainly on rough roads or several potholes.

Cars with Auto H suspension are more costly than their counterparts. However, people living on rough terrains find this feature worth the cost. Also, this type of suspension improves the car’s safety by increasing stability while driving with other cars close.

The final Auto H system in BMW is steering Auto H. This system controls the power that goes to the wheels. It helps the car stay on the right track when not controlling it manually.

Benefits of Auto H

The two main benefits of using the Auto H function are:

  • It prevents your car from rolling back or forward on a hill.
  • It eases the pressure from your foot once you engage it.

Things to Know Before Using the Auto H

First, make sure your vehicle is in “Park” before activating the Auto H function. If you don’t use the parking brake, the car can roll backward or forward, depending on how steep the hill is.

Additionally, keep your foot near the brake pedal while using the auto handbrake because the function may go off by pushing the brake or accelerator pedal. If you are not keen enough, you may collide with the automobile in front of you or reverse into traffic.

Downsides of BMW Auto Hold

  1. Over-Reliance on Technology When using the Auto H function, you depend so much on the technology that you stop paying enough attention to the road. You don’t have the awareness you need around your car, making it easy to cause a problem.
  2. High Chances of Making Mistakes You can make several mistakes when operating the vehicle, especially if you don’t know how to use the feature. Only use the Auto H when you know how to use it safely.

Troubleshooting Auto H Problems

If you have troubles with the Auto H try the following steps to troubleshoot:

  1. Confirm the car is in the correct mode. The feature works only when the vehicle is on “Neutral” or in “Park”. Other gears disable the feature.
  2. Check the mirror settings in iDrive to confirm that they’re set for Auto H mode. If not, turn the settings on and check if the problem is solved.
  3. Check the height sensor at the bottom of the car, behind the car’s front wheels. If you suspect that there is a problem, disconnect one wire from it and start the vehicle.
  4. If the vehicle maintains its height position, it’s working correctly. If it changes, then you’ll need a replacement. If you try all these and nothing changes in your auto h, take your car to a trusted BMW dealership.

Conclusion on BMW Auto H

The Auto H feature is beneficial in BMW cars. It’ll help your vehicle remain stationary and relieve the stress of pressing the brake pedal. It lights the brake lights for a while; then they go off. Be careful when using the feature to avoid unwanted situations.


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