brake fluid replacement cost in a bmw

BMW Brake Fluid Change Cost (Numbers Explained)

You’ll need a brake fluid change when doing a car service. The price varies from car to car and the model. So how much does a BMW brake fluid change cost?

BMW brake fluid change costs anything between $150 – $360 depending on the garage and mechanics doing the work for you. BMW dealerships charge between $129 – 149 for the same.

However, you may find cheaper services in the right places for this job. Changing a BWM brake fluid has a couple of checks that we will look at in this article.

What To Expect in BMW Brake Fluid Change

A BMW brake fluid change includes checking your tire pressure for all wheels, changing the air filter, and replacing the brake fluid. Some dealerships also flush out and change the engine coolant and transmission line.

Most car owners see changing the brake fluid as an easy task. It is very easy to mess up and cause accidents and damage to your car if not done correctly. Here’s how to change the brake fluid if you prefer doing it yourself.

How To Change BMW’s Brake Fluid

Before changing the brake fluid, here are a few things you’ll need to do it successfully:

  • All the tools needed for working
  • Be in a clean environment if it’s possible
  • Use protective gear: gloves, apron, and boots

Step 1

Raise the car from the ground and remove all-wheel covers. Remove jacking equipment, and remember to use a jack stand for more safety when you’re under the car.

Open the hood and look for the master cylinder, usually on one side of your engine compartment. The master cylinder’s position may differ depending on the car model.

Step 2

Remove the reservoir cap and place it safely. Remove the bolts holding the master cylinder onto the engine and remove it from its mount position with one hand.

Step 3

Remove the reservoir cap to the brake fluid and loosen one bleeder screw. You should notice a bleed screw or bleeding port. If the screw is unplugged, drain the old brake fluid into a clear jar. Insert the fluid into the bleed port.

Step 4

BMW master cylinders have three ports. Ensure you’ve cleared all the fluid from all three bleeding ports and tighten the screws firmly. After bleeding out all the liquid, re-install the reservoir cap and the master cylinder to its original position.

Step 5

Fill your brake fluid reservoir according to the required specifications(capacity and type of fluid). Then, drain the new brake fluid into a jar and use it to pour it into the master cylinder reservoir.

Step 6

Tighten the cap of your master cylinder safely. Check under your vehicle for any leaks before lowering your car. Lower your car slowly and carefully on the ground and remove the lifting gear, usually a jack stand.

If you have one, raise the car to its original position using the hand-crank on the engine.

How To Know You Need To Change Your Brake Fluid

Don’t wait for your brake to completely stop working to know that you need a brake fluid change. There are safer ways to know when to change your brake fluid.

Illuminated ABS Light

ABS stands for Anti-lock Braking System. When the light is very bright, that’s a sign that there’s a problem with the brake system.

The most popular reason is to change your brake fluid or add more. Consult professional mechanics for an accurate result.

Problems with Your Brake Pedals

The brake pedal becomes difficult to press when the brake fluid leaks or ages: enough sign that your brake fluid requires a replacement.

Alternatively, when the pedals become very soft to press, you need a brake fluid change. Any ignorance may lead to severe issues with your braking system.

Burning Smell

Overheated brakes produce a very unpleasant chemical smell. When you notice this, stop immediately and let your brakes cool down to avoid damaging the wheel and braking system.

Brake Pads are Faulty the Brake pads may stop working correctly when the brake fluid becomes dirty.

As a result, you may notice funny sounds like grinding or squealing coming from your brakes. Furthermore, your brakes may take a little longer to stop the car.


When you need to change your BMW brake fluid, involve a professional mechanic or visit any BMW dealership for the best prices on this service. Also, ensure that you get the correct fluid according to the manufacturer’s specifications

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