bmw n20 timing chain replacement

BMW N20 Timing Chain Replacement Cost [Average Price]

Timing chains are critical components. If you own a BMW with a timing chain, then you should know it could break at any moment and cost thousands of dollars to fix. But how much will the replacement cost? In the rest of this article, I will tell you all you need to know. Keep reading.

BMW n20 engine timing chain replacement cost

A BMW N20 timing chain replacement can cost between $1000 and $5000 depending on the severity of the problem.

The age of the vehicle and how well it has been taken care of are also factors that affect the price. If your car needs a timing chain replacement, it is best to take it to a reputable mechanic or dealer.

This is because you will want to be sure that all parts are replaced correctly so that your vehicle does not break down again in the near future.

Timing chains are very important parts of your car’s engine because they allow everything to work together properly. If something goes wrong with them, then your car will not run as smoothly or efficiently as it should.

Factors Affecting BMW n20 timing chain replacement cost

The cost of BMW n20 timing chain replacement depends on a variety of factors. Some of these include

  • Age of the vehicle. As the vehicle ages, the engine will go through more miles and wear and tear. This includes the timing chain and other parts of the engine that are prone to wear. As a result, BMW N20 timing chain replacement cost will increase accordingly.
  • BMW model. BMW N20 timing chain replacement cost is generally higher for luxury vehicles than for regular vehicles. The reason is that luxury vehicles have more expensive parts and require more labor hours to fix because they are more complex.
  • Location of the repair shop. If you choose to go to a local auto repair shop, expect to pay less than if you were to visit an authorized BMW dealer. This is because local auto repair shops have lower overhead costs, which means they can afford to charge less for their services.

Finally, there are several extras that can add to your bill when replacing timing chains on a BMW N20 engine. For example, if you need new gaskets or seals for your engine, these parts can raise your total cost significantly.

Do all BMW n20 have a Timing Chain Problem?

No, not all BMW N20 engines have a timing chain problem. But if you drive a 2011-2017 BMW 1-3 series, there’s a good chance it does. The issue is with the timing chain tensioner. The tensioner keeps the timing chain tight and in place as the engine runs. If it fails, the timing chain can loosen up, which could lead to major engine damage.

How long does the N20 timing chain last?

The average life expectancy of an N20 timing chain is 100,000 miles. That means that if you drive 100,000 miles and then replace your car’s timing chain, it will last another 100,000 miles.

But, this isn’t an exact number and there are many factors that could shorten or lengthen this lifespan. But as long as you drive responsibly and change your oil regularly (every 3,000 miles or so), there’s no reason why you couldn’t hit 100k before needing to replace your timing chain.

How do I know if my N20 timing chain is bad?

If you notice any of the following symptoms, then it’s likely that your timing chain needs to be replaced:

  1. Loud Whining from Engine: If you hear a loud whining sound coming from your engine, this could be a sign of a bad timing chain. The sound will usually get louder as you accelerate. It may also be accompanied by other symptoms such as acceleration problems and excessive oil consumption.
  2. Significant Scoring on Chain: If you notice significant scoring on the outside of one or more links in the chain, this is another indicator of potential problems with the timing system. This type of wear indicates that there is excessive slack in the system, which leads to premature wear and eventual failure of these components.
  3. Too Much Slack/Play: If there is too much slack or play in any link in your timing system, this could indicate that something has failed internally and needs replacing immediately before further damage occurs to other parts of your vehicle’s drivetrain system.

Does BMW have an N20 Engine  Timing Chain Recall?

Yes. The BMW N20 engine has a timing chain that is susceptible to failure. The manufacturer has issued a recall for all affected vehicles. The BMW N20 engine is prone to premature timing chain wear, which can cause the chain to snap and break. Damage from a broken timing chain can be catastrophic, leading to costly repairs or a complete engine replacement.





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