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Where Is the Battery In a BMW? (Solved & Answered)

A battery is a vital part of a car since it helps start and drive the vehicle around the neighborhood or city. Locating a car battery can be a super easy task though it depends on the make, year, and model.

So, where is the battery in a BMW? Most BMW models have a battery under the hood. But some BMW trims have batteries in the boot or trunk to help lower the center of gravity and bring balance while driving on different terrains.

Having a clear understanding of the battery location in your BMW will help reduce the hassle of replacing it whenever the need arises.

Besides that, it will help deal with a surprise issue on the side of the road without seeking professional services. Let us find that out together now:

Where Is the Battery In a BMW?

A BMW sedan or SUV has a battery underneath the hood. But this German manufacturer keeps on flooding the market with fancier and classy cars with different designs.

These different engineering designs pose a challenge for first-time owners to locate the battery. The latest models have the battery located in the boot or trunk as opposed to other types of automobiles.

These batteries are usually in the boot compartment on the right-hand side. The location helps prevent the engine from damaging the car battery in the long run.

Many first-time BMW owners find it a challenge to locate the battery. Some people even assume the modern BMW models do not have batteries since the area is well-covered. We recommend reading the BMW manual to save time and money.

Locating the car battery will reduce the hassle of replacing it whenever a need arises. Besides that, it will make the replacement task straightforward. You will only need to turn the switch on the little tray on the right-hand side of the trunk to unlock the panel.

Signs that the BMW Battery Is Failing

The car battery location in the trunk makes it easy for BMW owners to forget and ignore its existence. The quest to locate the battery occurs when the vehicle encounters issues that require battery inspection.

I recommend locating your BMW battery in advance to avoid the searching hassle due to a problem. Besides that, develop the habit of inspecting the car battery to prevent damaging the cells or any signs of cracks.

Below are the signs in your BMW that show the battery is failing:

Dashboard Warning Signs

Modern BMW models have dashboard warning signs that tell the owners whenever the vehicle has a component problem. The battery warning sign will appear when the car battery has some issues.

I recommend not ignoring the warning sign since it could lead to severe damage.

BMW with Dim Headlights

Most BMW trims come with bright headlights. A faulty car battery will make the headlights go dim or fade over time. A dim headlight is an indication that the car battery is not providing adequate power.

The golden rule is to inspect the battery and see if there is a need to replace it.

BMW Won’t Start

If your BMW is failing to start, it is an issue related to the faulty battery. The battery does not provide adequate electric power to ignite the vehicle. We recommend checking the battery first before starting the car.

Battery Not Holding Charge

Most BMW battery models can carry the energy without depending on the alternators. But the capacity keeps on reducing as the battery gets old or experiences some damage. If the car battery cannot run the stereo while resting, you need to replace it.

How to Remove a Battery from a BMW

Understanding the symptoms of a dying battery and its location will alleviate the pain associated with replacement. But many BMW service centers help their customers with battery replacement services.

For Do It Yourself guys, removing and replacing the old or damaged BMW battery is a no- brainer task. Below is a step-by-step guide to removing a battery from a BMW:

Step 1: Locate the Battery

A BMW battery is located in a compartment on the right-hand side of the trunk. You should remove the liner to remove the hidden car battery.

Step 2: Loosen the Terminals

Access the battery and disconnect the negative terminal by pulling the cable away. Unscrew the positive terminal afterward to avoid ruining the battery cells. Exercise ultimate precaution to prevent damaging the sensors attached to the battery cables.

Step 3: Remove the Old Battery

Remove the old battery from your BMW after disconnecting the cables and replace it with a new one. Reconnect the wires by starting with the positive terminal followed by the negative counterpart.

Step 4: Register the New Battery

Registering your new battery will help reset the car charging history and statistics associated to the old battery. Failure to register the battery, it will end up failing prematurely.


BMW has numerous models with different specifications. The earliest BMW models had batteries in the hood. But the auto-technological advancement has forced the German manufacturer to relocate the battery to the right-hand side of the trunk or boot.

The battery relocation has helped reduce the risk of damaging the cells by the engine. Besides that, the new location is the reason for the extended BMW battery lifespan in many models. We hope this article helped you locate your BMW battery.


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